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As of 3/2/18 going forward please send all emails to

Please read updates and requirements to the 18-19 ordering season before placing an order. Download the Instructions file below, along with the required shipping lable.

PDF Icon, Chaffee Eligibility Form.pdf

Chafee Eligibility Form
Request for Consideration of Services

(Required Yearly)




PDF Icon link to USIMAC Order form 18-19

USIMAC Order Form SY 2018-19
Order Form for Accessible Educational Materials

Please fill in this form using


PDF Icon, link to Eligibility Criteria.pdf

Eligibility Criteria

Explanation of Eligibility Criteria for Services

PDF Icon, Link to description of available formats

Instructions on Encrypting &

using Google Drive


PDF Icon, Link to description of available formats

Description of Available Formats



PDF Icon, Link to USIMAC Order Form 17-18

USIMAC Order Form 2017-2018

(please use this form for all materials needed prior to August 2018)


USDB OGDEN/ SLC Library Forms


PDF Icon, link to ERC Patron Agreement Forms


PDF Icon, Link to ERC Transfer of Media Materials Form

ERC Patron Agreement Form ERC Transfer of Media Materials Form


PDF Icon, Link to PDF Fillable Instructions for Adobe Reader 10

PDF Fillable Instructions
(Adobe Reader X)