Large Print



Classroom textbooks are our main large print product. Our aim is to increase the size of the original text as much as possible, while keeping the quality of the page optimal.


The larger the point size of the print, the more accessible the text will be for a student with a visual impairment.





Large print books produced by USIMAC are approximately 11" x 14" in size and are a direct reproduction of the textbook we receive, so the better the copy of the book we recieve, the higher quality the large print will be. Please keep in mind that font sizes can only be enlarged about 1-2 sizes from their original font size (for example if you bring a novel in 12 pt font, the max size will end up between 14 -18 pt font). See Text Size Comparison Card.



Large print works great for all kinds of books!



young boy reading braille textbookgirl reading book