MP3 Audio books are digital files that can be played by a large number of mainstream audio devices, assistive technology devices, tablets, phones, and computer audio software. Our MP3 books are formatted by our production team and read by text-to-speech (TTS) software, a computer generated voice.


MP3 Audio plays in a linear, track after track fashion, and tracks typically occur at major text headings such as units, sections, chapters, and sub-headings in the text. Because of this, large text books in MP3 may end up containing hundreds of tracks!



MP3 format is available for shorter books.



Math books in audio (MP3 and DAISY) present a significant challenge in order to be produced. Software technologies are in development that will allow better and easier production of audio math in the future (MathML).


**For in house projects only we don't currently have the capability to produce the following books in MP3 audio: Math, Maps, Atlas, Typing or Keyboarding type books (we'll e-mail you if this occurs)