PDF is an electronic file format that is a digital duplicate of the print book with searchable text. It can be stored directly on many devices, easily transported using a flash drive or CD, and can be viewed on computers and tablets that have software capable of viewing PDF files. We recommend using Adobe Reader for best results on your desktop computer.



Your PDF can be delivered to you as a whole book in one file, or in separate sections such as units or chapters at your request.



PDFs are great for all types of books!



For small workbooks and worksheets, a PDF can be enhanced with fillable boxes, letting students fill in answers,"and for example submit a completed assignment". Fillable PDFs also have tools for students to draw and type directly to the file -- making the PDF even more interactive. Fillable PDFs work best when all parties using them use Adobe Reader.





For instructions on using Fillable PDFs, click here.



Fillable PDFs are available for small workbooks and worksheets